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- Pearl Reference 6 pc. shell pack

- Copper fire sparkle finish

- MasterCast Die Cast Hoops Aluminum Opti

- Mount Suspension System with mount elbows

- Masterworks crafting process to find the perfect combination of shell material, thickness, and edge profile for each individual size and type of drum.

- The result is a collective of individually-engineered drums dialed-in to the best sonic character for that drum’s intended voice.

- 20 x 16 virgin kick drum 8 /10 /12 rack toms 14 and 16 floor

- Tom's New / played in Evan's level 360 heads top and bottom.

- Artist / teacher owned, always kept in climate-controlled environment, never gigged.

- Finish and all chrome flawless.

Mint Condition Pearl Reference 6 pc. Shell pack

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